Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reading Activity

Once upon a time there lived a little boy. His name was Bill. Bill didn’t live in town. He lived in the country, and looked after sheep. He was not a very good boy. He often fell asleep watching the sheep, and he also told lies.
The people who lived there often said, “That boy will come to a bad end”. One day Bill wanted to play a practical joke on the people. He ran down the hill and cried, “Wolf! Wolf! Help! Come quickly! Wolf!” All the people ran very fast to him as they wanted to save him. But when the people ran up to the boy they saw no wolf. ”It heard you and ran away,” the boy said. The people went away. Bill began to laugh. “How funny people are! How silly they are! They are not clever at all.” Three weeks later he wanted to play the same trick again. “Wolf! Wolf!” he cried. “Help! Come quickly! Wolf!” Many people ran to the hill as fast as they could, but again there was no wolf. This time the boy laughed at them. “Ha ha. There was no wolf,” he said. “What a good joke! Don’t you think so?” The people became very angry. “Lies are not jokes” they said, and went back home.
Two days later the weather was sunny and warm. The boy was sleeping in the afternoon sun. Suddenly he woke up. He saw a big dark animal. The animal ran to the sheep and grabbed one. “Wolf!” cried the boy. “Wolf! Help! Come quickly! Wolf!” But nobody came to save the boy this time. The wolf heard and said: “I like sheep, but a little boy will taste better. I’ll have a real dinner tonight!” When the boy didn’t return home that night the people went to look for him. But they never found him and nobody saw him again.


How many are there? __________


1) Did the boy work well? Prove your answer.

2) What joke did he play on the people? Why did he do it?

3) Why do you think all the people came to help him first time?

4) Did they all come the second time?

5) Why did nobody come when the boy really saw a wolf?

6) What happened to the boy?

7) What do you think the people said when they couldn’t find Bill?

8) Do you sometimes tell lies? What is the result?

a) It’s not good to sleep at work.
b) If you play tricks on people, they won’t help you later.
c) If you tell too many lies, people won’t believe you.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Week of April 16th to 20th

Welcome back to school! I hope you had a wonderful vacation!

This is the plan for this week:

Monday, April 16th: Today we're going to review the past tense of "be" and do exercise 5 on page 89 orally in class.We're going to check pronunciation, fluency, intonation, and rythm. We're also going to make a conversation on the blackboard and practice it orally again. Remember, our objective today is oral practice. Your HOMEWORK is to study the first 10 irregular verbs for dictation and your lab exercises for a quiz tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 17th: Hi! Today we'll start with the irregular verbs dictation, then your lab quiz. After that, you're going to do the Listening Comprehension exercise (6) on page 89 for a grade and do the Conversation section. Remember, we're going to be checking all the aspects of oral practice. Your HOMEWORK is to do Lesson 1 in your workbook. You'll also have to study the irregular verbs from 1 to 20.

Wedesday, April 18th: Hey! Today, we're going to study the regular past tense verbs and their end pronunciation. We're also going to practice the aff. and neg. forms. We're going to make a drill on the board. For HOMEWORK, study the irregular verbs from 1 to 30.

Thursday, April 19th: Lab Day! You're going to do the exercises assigned. Take notes and study for a quiz tomorrow.

Friday, April 20th: Take the lab quiz and the irregular verbs oral quiz. Review the (+) and (-) forms of the Simple Past Tense and do exercise 2 - Grammar Practice on page 90 for a grade.You're going to come up with the interrogative structures on your own and make up a short story for HOMEWORK.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Your teacher,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello, Students!!

I'm sorry I didn't have my blog for yesterday... but, here's the plan.

Monday, March 26th: Yesterday we checked the unit test you did last week. Then we started Unit 11: Past Events, pg 88. We saw the Unit Goals, exercises 1, 2, and 3: Vocabulary, Listening Comprehension and Pair Work. I gave you a list of irregular verbs that you have to study and learn (pronunciation, spelling, and meaning) for the end of the unit. Your HOMEWORK was to upload the list of cooking verbs you looked up in Internet as a pictionary so you can do last unit's project.

Tuesday, March 27th: You studied 7 irregular verbs for a quiz, then you went to the whiteboard and reviewed the Simple Present of BE in all forms. You figured out the Simple Past of Be in all forms, and you created some sentences. Then you copied a list of cooking verbs you will use in your project for Thursday. Your HOMEWORK was to study the first 14 irregular verbs for tomorrow, upload a pictionary of the verbs you are missing in your blogs so I can explain them tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 28th: I'll give you 3 minutes to review the 14 irregular verbs and then you'll take the quiz. Then, I'm going to explain the cooking verbs so you can be ready to do your project that is due tomorrow. We'll continue with the Grammar exercise (4) and do exercises 5 and 6 (page 89) for a grade. Your HOMEWORK is to study the first 20 irregular verbs, do Lesson 1 in the Workbook, and do your project. You are bringing the food you cooked to class tomorrow morning and we'll celebrate Karina's birthday.

Thursday, March 29th: Today is Lab Day, but we agreed that you were going to go to the lab when you have a free period. We're having a regular class today. We're going to do the Conversation exercise on page 89 and then we're going to talk about regular verbs. If you don't go to the lab this day, you need to come tomorrow at your class period. You are going to take the lab test the Tuesday after vacation, but you're not going to the lab on Monday.

Friday, March 30th: I'm not going to be in Cananea today! If you didn't go to the lab, you need to do so today. REMEMBER THE LAB EXERCISES: ENGLISH 1, REVIEW 3,4 EXERCISES 1,2,3,4&5.

Have a wonderful vacation!!!!
Take care!

Your teacher,

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

These are exercises for you to practice...

Exercise on Simple Present - Present Progressive

Principio del formulario

Exercise 1

Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple present or present progressive).

  1. Look! He (leave) the house.
  2. Quiet please! I (write) a test.
  3. She usually (walk) to school.
  4. But look! Today she (go) by bike.
  5. Every Sunday we (go) to see my grandparents.
  6. He often (go) to the cinema.
  7. We (play) Monopoly at the moment.
  8. The child seldom (cry) .
  9. I (not / do) anything at the moment.
  10. (watch / he) the news regularly?

Exercise 7

Complete the sentences. Use Simple Present and Present Progressive.

  1. I (be) very busy today.
  2. At noon I (visit) my friend Tanya.
  3. We (want) to have lunch together.
  4. In the afternoon I (play) squash with Emily.
  5. In the evening, I (meet) Rob.
  6. We (go) to the cinema.
  7. The film (start) at 8 pm.

Principio del formulario


Write the verbs in Present Progressive.

  1. speak - I
  2. jump - you
  3. bake - she
  4. play - they
  5. run - we

Write the verbs in Simple Present, 3rd person singular.

  1. be - it
  2. have - he
  3. eat - she
  4. can - he
  5. wash - she


When to use which tense? Write Simple Present or Present Continuous.

  1. For actions happening regularly, often or never, we use _________________
  2. For actions happening now, we use ________________________.
  3. The verbs 'be', 'have', 'like' and 'want' are normally only used in _______________.
  4. The signal word 'usually' indicates that we have to use _____________________.
  5. The signal word 'now' indicates that we have to use ________________________.

Positive sentences

Complete the sentences. Use Simple Present or Present Progressive.

  1. Look! They (leave) the house.
  2. Brian (cycle) 30 km every day.
  3. Samantha (do) her homework at the moment.
  4. My parents (shop) right now.
  5. He usually (get up) early in the morning.

Negative sentences

Complete the sentences. Use Simple Present or Present Progressive.

  1. You (see / not) her every day.
  2. The baby (sleep / not) at the moment.
  3. I (read / not) a book now.
  4. We (go / not) to school on Sundays.
  5. He (watch / not) the news every day.


Complete the sentences. Use Simple Present or Present Progressive.

  1. (you / go) on holiday by plane sometimes?
  2. (they / play) computer games every day?
  3. (she / eat) dinner at the moment?
  4. What (they / do) right now?
  5. (she / visit) her grandma very often?

Final del formulario

Final del formulario

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week of March 20th to 23rd

Hello! Welcome back from that long weekend!

I checked your quiz and I think you need more practice in order to see the differences between the Simple Present Tense and the Present Continuous. So this is what we'll do this week:

Tuesday, March 20th: You'll check your mistakes and you'll do an exercise on the board. Then, you'll fill in the blanks with the correct verb tense. We'll practice this all the class period. For HOMEWORK: you will upload verbs used for cooking. There must be at least 20 of them. You also need to have lessons 1 & 2 of the workbook done.

Wednesday, March 21st: We'll start Lesson 3 in Unit 10 pg. 84. We'll check some words that don't use the present participles. You'll do the Grammar Practice (ex 2) for a grade. Then, individually, you'll write about Suzanne's weekly schedule and upload it in your blog. For HOMEWORK, you'll do lesson 3 in your workbook.

Thursday, March 22nd: Lab day! Today, you're going to come during the day to do the exercises. I'll tell you which ones you'll do. We'll have regular class today. We'll do the Pronunciation exercise (5) pg. 85 and the Conversation Model. We'll also do the Reading Section on pg. 86 that will be practice for your project. You'll have the Unit Test tomorrow. If you have any doubts, we can check the workbook at 5 pm, so you can clear them up for the test. Your project is for Monday. You will bring what you made and eat it during class.

Friday, March 23rd: Unit Test 10

Have a very happy weekend!

Your teacher,


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This is what you need to have in your blog for Unit 9

1. Pictionary for "Today's Weather"
2. Picture - 5 aff and 5 neg sentences in the Present Continuous Tense
3. Work in Class - 1 sentence in 4 forms (aff, neg, if-yes, if-no)
4. The weather report for your city
5. Conversation - pair work - about the weather in your city
6. 10 sentences in the future tense using the Present Cont. Tense

Monday, March 12, 2012

Week of March 12th to 16th

Hello! This is the plan for this week:

Monday, March 12th: We're going to start Unit 10: Food pg 80. We're going to see the Unit Goals, define what "ingredients" is, listen and repeat the vocabulary words (ex 1) and the ones on page 132. Then we're going to do the Listening Comprehension exercise (2). I'm going to explain the difference between "much" and "many" for count and noncount nouns - Grammar (ex 4) and we're going to do ex 5 & 6 orally in class. The project for this unit is to videotape yourself preparing a recipe and bringing your food to school. For HOMEWORK, for tomorrow, you will look up and upload 20 different words or phrases related to food or to cooking and for Wednesday, a pictionary with the vocabulary words on both pages and there will be a dictation on those words.

Tuesday, March 13th: You're going to listen and read the Conversation Model on pg 81. Then you're going to role play it with your own information. We're going to start Lesson 2 with the vocabulary on non-count nouns. We're going to do some drills with count and noncount nouns when we see the Grammar section (3, 4, & 5). Remember that your HOMEWORK is the pictionary in your blog. Study for dictation. Oh, and the Lab Test.

Wednesday, March 14th: You'll do the dictation and then we're going to study the containers. You'll do Grammar Practice (7) pg 83 and the Grammar Booster pg 143 for a grade. We're also going to do some activity for the Conversation Model. Your HOMEWORK is to do Lesson 2 in the Workbook.

Thursday, March 15th: Lab Day. I'll tell you what exercises you'll do in the lab.

Friday, March 16th: We're going to start Lesson 3 on pg 84. We're going to compare and contrast the Simple Present Tense and the Present Conntinuous Tense. This will take several days.

Have a great loooong weekend!
Your teacher,

Monday, March 5, 2012

Week of March 5th to 9th

This is what we're going to do this week:

Monday, March 5th: Last week we didn't finish what was planned for Friday. We're going to do ex. B on pg 78 reporting what the characters in the pictures are doing. Then, we're going to do the pronunciation section on ex C. Your HOMEWORK is to study the phrases of activities on ex D, the numbers from 0 to 1000, and the alphabet because we're going to play charades and another game using letters and numbers. This is going to have a grade, so please study so your team can win!

Tuesday, March 6th: We're going to play the game mentioned above. Then you're going to do the listening comprehension exercise on pg 79 that will be graded. We're going to listen to the Conversation "Make a polite call". You're going to practice it and role play it with your own information. Your HOMEWORK is to have the Workbook lessons 1 and 2 ready for tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 7th: We'll start Lesson 3 in the text pg 80. You will learn some time expressions and how to use the present continuous tense for future plans. You'll also do ex C individually in class for a grade. Your HOMEWORK is to practice the Conversation: Discuss plans pg. 81 with a partner and hand in a conversation about your plans for the weekend and finish the Workbook.

Thursday, March 8th: Lab day! You can have 2 choices: either go to the lab and come in the afternoon to check your workbook as a review for the test, or have the review for the test this period and you come to the lab whenever you can today or tomorrow, but not in class period.
Your HOMEWORK is to study for the test... Your project must be handed in before the test.

Friday, March 9th: Unit 9 Test.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Week of February 27th to March 2nd

Hi! This is the plan for this week:

Monday, February 27th: Last week we talked about your unit project and some terms about the weather. You're going to tell me the cities you chose. Today we will brainstorm vocabulary words reffering to the weather and we'll start Unit 9. You're going to do Ex A & B (Vocabulary and Listening Comprehension). We'll also start the Grammar section (ex D) the Present Continuous Tense. Today, we'll see the affirmative and negative structures and you're going to write a short story on the board - as a group. HOMEWORK: upload a pictionary of the vocabulary words seen in class. It's for tomorrow. Also, upload a picture and write 5 aff sentences of what is happening and 5 neg sentences. This last assignment is for Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 28th: Today, we'll see the interrogative structures of the Pres. Cont. Tense and drills on the blackboard (ex E and F, pg 77). HOMEWORK: Write 5 sentences in all forms.

Wednesday, February 29th: I'm going to check your homework in your blogs. You're going to do the convesation on pg 77 and role play one of your own. We're also going to review ex. A in Lesson 2 - WH?'s. and do ex B asking questions about Mike and Paty's day.

Thursday, March 1st: Today is lab day, but you went there 3 times last week, so you are not going today. We'll do ex C about rising and falling intonation of questions and we're going to play a game called Charades. We're also going to see the spelling rules for the present participle. HOMEWORK: Do lessons 1 and 2 in the workbook.

Friday, March 2nd: You're going to do ex F and G for a grade and you're going to make a telephone call following the model conversation on pg. 79. Continue working on your project.

Have a good week!
Your teacher,